O.Couture – premium silk nightwear and loungewear crafted from the finest Italian silk satin made in Estonia.
O.Couture is High-end luxury premium silk night- and lounge-wear brand established in 2014 in Tallinn.

Focusing on modern femininity with chic and unique designs. Attention is on exquisite materials, finest French laces and embroideries, refined details, and Italian silk fabrics.

Exclusive collections are made in small sewing atelier in Tallinn. Unique special pieces to brighten women’s desire and self-confidence. All items are made with passion and hint of hidden fun and joy.

O.Couture designs luxury night- and lounge wear for women, who value quality of leisure time.

Collections are made as limited edition from skin friendly exclusive fabrics – finest Italian silks, delicate French laces, and embroideries. The brand stands for modern femininity, chic, and unique designs and sustainable values.

Unique pieces are made to boost women self-confidence. O.Couture nightwear is made by passionate lingerie designer with 18 years of luxury lingerie design and business experience, to offer customers exclusive pleasure and comfort.

5 good reasons to wear natural silk.

  1. Natural silk is skin friendly. Silk has antibacterial and anti-fungal elements.
  2. Silk warms in winter and in summer feels cool.
  3. Silk allows the skin to breathe. Silk Absorbs moisture up to 25% without feeling wet.
  4. Relaxing effect improves mood and helps you sleep better.
  5. Natural and luxurious silk feels so smooth on your skin and makes the special day even more special and memorable.

Silk robes, nightgowns and blouses are timeless, with their luxurious shiny appearance and beautiful colors that shine in our everyday lives.

Inspiration & Sustainable Lifestyle

Our brand interest lies in small product design, art, history, craftmanship and innovation.

We believe in: Less is more! By using quality products, we can all consume less.

We are committed to put sustainable product development in our business first.

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